How To Choose A Registered Massage Therapist

Registered massage therapists are required to obtain a license or certification from an accredited massage school in the state that they are employed.

Massage therapists are also required to take annual continuing education courses that update their knowledge and expertise.

Therapeutic massage may be prescribed by a medical doctor or used as adjunct therapy in a health spa or chiropractic office for specific pain or other therapies.

Whether you are new to the massage therapy experience or have been a massage patron for a long time, the time may come when you need to seek a reputable massage therapist.

The first step is to understand your own physical and emotional needs before choosing the best registered massage therapist for your bodywork.

What Benefits do You Require from Massage Therapy?

Often, massage therapists specialize in different areas of bodywork and have experience in areas such as: sports related injuries or training enhancement, emotional and physical stress, general aches and muscular pain, or massage techniques related to medical interventions. After an assessment of what the needs are required from a massage therapist, the search for the best professional to provide therapy is easier and clearer.

Ask the Potential Massage Therapist Questions Related to Your Care

Referrals from friends may be beneficial, but the therapist may not specialize or have experience with your individual therapeutic needs. Often, your physician or chiropractor will provide you with a reputable massage therapist that can provide you with the specialized care that you need.

However, it is important to interview the therapist and find out their location and availability. When searching for a registered massage therapist, ask these helpful questions in an interview. Depending on your therapy needs, ask the therapist some basic questions to ascertain their qualifications with your injury or condition.

Are they certified or licensed by the state? You may be reimbursed by health insurance for massage therapy is it is prescribed by a physician, but the therapist must be registered.
• Ask them to describe their experience and special focus areas of their practice that relate to your needs.
• How much do they charge and do they give discounts. Massage therapists usually charge hourly rates and vary widely.
• Their location and accessibility is important to meet your needs. Driving a long distance after a massage may be uncomfortable for you and defeat the purpose of the therapy.

Communication and Trust is Important in a Therapeutic Relationship

When you interview or speak with your potential massage therapist, listen and evaluate their communication and listening skills.

Effective massage therapy requires a therapeutic relationship that exists between you and the therapist that creates a stress free environment. It is imperative that the therapist listen to your needs and how you are responding to the massage techniques.

Referrals from Agencies, Massage Schools and Internet Sources

When choosing a therapist from the agencies and internet websites, always seek a registered therapist. Interview each professional and ask the questions needed to ensure your choosing the right person for the job.

Kim Kelley is a freelance writer and currently taking courses to become a physiotherapist. She enjoys guest blogging, as it educates others on the ins and outs of physiotherapy.

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