Physical Therapy Schools in Texas

Popular Physical Therapy Schools In Texas

There are some reputable physical therapy assistant schools in the United States. In this article, we will be looking at some of the prominent therapy schools in Texas one of them being the Texas Tech University’s Health Sciences Center.

1. Texas Tech University’s Health Sciences Center.

It is one of the most reputed organizations of physical therapy in Texas. The organization is located in several branches in places like

  1. Dallas
  2. Highland Lakes
  3. Fort Worth
  4. Midland
  5. El Paso
  6. Odessa
  7. Abilene
  8. and Lubbock.

It was in 1983 that the center’s school of Allied Health Sciences opened this center. The center offers 3 programs of physical therapy to prospective students. These programs are:-

  • Doctor of Physical Therapy– The American Physical Therapy Association or the APTA accredits this program. The courses of this program deal with the modalities of treatment, physiological exercises and also human development. The training of students also involves working with professionals of healthcare as therapists.The professional program takes 3 years to finish and is offered at Lubbock, Odessa and the campuses at Amarillo. This programs is quite effective for the study of the students as they are given a firsthand experience of the job.
  • Transitional Doctor of Physical Therapy – This credit program is twenty seven hours long and is designed for practicing physical therapists who already have their licenses.  This course helps them to update their knowledge on modern healthcare practice.
  • Doctor of Science in Physical Therapy  – This course can only be taken by practicing physical therapists who have either a bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral degrees in physical therapy. In this course, the students are provided with advanced therapy skills.

2. San Marco’s Physical Therapy Program at Texas State University

Another prominent physical therapy school in Texas that deserves a mention in this article is the San Marco’s Physical Therapy Program, which is the State University of Texas. The institution has been serving the students since the year of 1903 and it opened under the name of Normal School of Southwest Texas State.

The program of Doctor of Physical therapy is housed by the College of Health Professions. Students that sign up for this program have to endure a grueling 9 semesters that take 3 yrs to complete.

The courses on offer with this program include neuroscience, pathology, anatomy, physical therapy research & geriatrics. The curriculum also does includes nineteen credit hours of clinical education.

Other physical therapy institutions in Texas worth mentioning here include

  • Angelo State University – Offers students an accredited entry-level graduate program that takes 3 yrs to finish. Once the student graduates, he/she recieve a Doctorate of Physical Therapy
  • Hardin- Simmons University –  The only private school in Texas that offers students a degree in the entry level Doctor of Physical therapy. The school only takes 24 students per year.
  • Capella University
  • Penn Foster Career School

These are some of the physical therapy schools in Texas.