Physical Therapy Schools in California

Four Popular Physical Therapy Schools in California

The physical therapy centers and schools provide accredited educational programs on physical therapy as well as the opportunity to sit for the license exam so that the students can practice as a legitimate physical therapist in future. For those desiring to be physical therapy assistants, there are physical therapy assistant schools online and offline that they can search and find the requirements needed for them to join.

The courses provided at these physical therapy course schools are mostly at the Masters and Doctorate level. California has a great bunch of such schools and here is a short brief on some of the physical therapy schools in California.

Middle-aged man lifts dumbbells with the assistance of a young physical therapist. Vignetting on the corners. Horizontal shot.

California State University, Long Beach

This is one of the most popular physical therapy schools in California. The University offers the Physical Therapy course under its College of Health and Human Services. Only the applicants with a Bachelor degree (preferably in Biology or Physiology) can apply for the physical therapy course here.

In addition, the applicant is also required to fulfill the lower division prerequisite courses in Biology, General Physics and General Chemistry offered by the University. Some of the classes that students take include Musculoskeletal Biomechan Prin, MGMT in Musculoskl Disorder, Clinical Electrophysiology and other fields.

Loma Linda University, Loma Linda

Loma Linda University is another top physical therapy school located in California. The University offers its physical therapy program through its School of Allied Health Professions. The programs offered here are both at the entry-level position as well as post-professional masters & doctoral programs.

The degrees offered in Physical therapy are AS, DPT, MPT, DSc & PhD in rehabilitation science.

Samuel Merritt University, Oakland

This is another top physical therapy schools in the state of California. The university offers a 34 month  full time course program on physical therapy. The University offers an an entry-level Doctor of Physical Therapy Program where students have to check patients with neuromuscular issues under faculty monitoring during 2 semesters in outpatient free clinic.

The last 6 months of the course would be spent on clinical internship.

California State University, Sacramento

At the California State University, students are required to undertake a 3 year Doctor of Physical Therapy (PT) program for them to be able to work as professional physical therapists. The Dept. of Physical Therapy was established in the year 1995 in this university.

The course curriculum include lessons and training on clinical reasoning via problem solving with patient cases, both stimulated & actual patients. In addition, the students in this program have to fulfill a complete thirty six week internship (full time) at 3 locations.

The course provided here is completely accredited by CAPTE & the pass outs here would be eligible for a national licensure exams.