Physical Therapy School Requirements

There are some requirements that have to be met in order for a student to graduate in the field and find a job as a physical therapy assistant professional. In most of the cases, for one to find work, one needs to have a doctorate degree.

The programs at the college are designed in a way that combines both rotations at clinics and coursework. An individual must be licensed to have a career in this field. There are options of studying for this course at the level of undergraduate as well as the graduate level. The requirements in   physical therapy assistant schools are different from those students pursuing a degree/masters/doctorate in physical therapy.

At the undergraduate level, the applicant is required to have himself enrolled in certain majors that will have subjects like biology, science coursework, physiology and anatomy. As an alternate to this program, a student may also enroll himself in some schools that provide courses in pre-physical therapy education.

The curricula of these courses may need education in the subjects related to the topics of health that would include physiological exercises, methods of physical education and the topics of personal wellness.

On the other hand, there are different sets of requirements in the area of graduate education. It has been mentioned before that graduating with  a degree is important for one to be coming a practicing physical therapist.

The requirements of Masters as well as Doctoral programs are quite varied.

For a student to enroll in a Doctoral program, he or she must complete a baccalaureate degree including the required prerequisite courses that would include subjects in physics, chemistry, anatomy,physiology as well as social sciences.

You may be required to have a higher GRE scores for physical therapy programs that are more reputable. The admissions committees need to be confident that you are in a position to master a science-heavy curriculum and the ability to work hands-on with patients so it is a good idea to ask for letters of of recommendation from your professors

These are just some of the physical therapy schools requirements for undergraduate and doctoral programs.