Physical Therapy Aide Salary

Physical therapy aides are not the same as physical therapists or assistants. Aides have different roles that are assigned to them while working with the therapists and their assistants. The job of physical therapy is quite demanding and they are paid accordingly.

The job of a physical therapy aide comes with responsibilities which include:-

  • Taking care care of the therapy equipment found in the doctor’s chambers and lab
  • Helping patients eg patients who have to walk with the help of clutches are assisted by them.
  • They also have to keep a check on the recovery progress of patients and keep a well maintained record of each and every patient.

a physio discusses treatment with student

How About The Salary?

The physical therapy aide salary completely depends on the region where they work and the experience that they have in this field. Years back, statistics showed that there were around 40,000 vacancies for this job, but obviously things have changed since then.

People in the US have realized that this job is a good opportunity to build a career and earn well.
According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the physical therapy aide salary tends to be around $24,000 annually. Depending on skills, knowledge and experience, a therapy aide can get good increments in his or her salary.

This is a rough estimate of the earnings for the US and it will be different in each city. For a student who wishes to work in the physical therapy aide field needs to first pass the necessary  certification courses required for one to be eligible to work as a therapy aide.

A high school diploma is sufficient enough for a student to take up the training programs. There is some in-house training done too by employers.

Summary – How to Become A Physical Therapy Aide

  1. The first thing you need is a high school diploma or its equivalent. Be aware also that there are high schools in the US that concentrate in the health sciences field.
  2. Another path to follow to reach your goal of becoming a physical therapist aide is to graduate from program accredited by the Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education. The moment you pass the accreditation program, just know that the fifty states plus the  District of Columbia have their own set regulations for physical therapy aides.It would be a good idea for you to visit the Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy who will assist you and connect with with the relevant state board plus also giving you guidance on the pal as outline the particulars for licensing, certification, etc.

Sites where one can check for scholarships and grants include:-