How Much Do Physical Therapy Assistants (PTA) Make in Texas

Lets learn more on how much physical therapy assistants make in Texas.

About Texas: For those that dont know this, Texas is the 2nd most populous, 2nd most extensive of the fifty states in the USA. Texas is also one of the top paying states for physical therapy assistants in the US.

Physical therapist (40s) helping patient (60s) through gait training.

PTA Salaries, Texas

I looked at two job sites and compared their figures as indicated below:-


On the site, the average salary for a PTA in Texas is $46,000. Just bear in mind that the average salary vary depending on various factors including place of work, location, experience & benefits.

2. is another popular site that I looked at. From the site, they dont give an average salary but  break it down by cities: Below are some of them:-

  • Houston, TX: – $46,793
  • Dallas, TX:- $46,613
  • Abilene, TX; $41,697
  • Amarillo, TX: $41,697
  • Austin, TX: $44,607
  • Beaumont, TX: $43,044
  • Brownsville, TX: $41,555
  • Corpus Christi, TX: $40,812

From the above data, it seems Houston is the highest paying city for PTAs in Texas. I trust the above information was useful to you in your search on physical therapy assistant salaries. Have a great day

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