How Much Do Physical Therapy Assistants Make/Earn?

Well, I had a look at two sites to compare and see how much physical therapy assistants earn or make in a year. Physical therapy assistants provide assistance to physical therapists who provide therapy treatments & procedures to patients.

The two sites I looked at are and These are figures for the US market. Please do note that many other factors come into play in determining the actual earnings for each assistant

According to the site, the median salary a PTA should expect to earn would be $46,798.

Other benefits as listed on the site.

Core Compensation Median % of Total
Base Salary $46,798 69.0%
Bonuses $41 0.1%
Value of Benefits
Social Security $3,583 5.3%
401K/403B $1,780 2.6%
Disability $328 0.5%
Healthcare $6,507 9.6%
Pension $2,998 4.4%
Time Off $5,765 8.5%
Total Compensation $67,800 100%

According to, (Bureau of Labor Statistics), the amount of annual salary a PTA is expected to earn is categoriesed under different percentiles of those workings as PTAs. Here is a breakdown

  • 10% – $32,030
  • 25% – $41,320
  • 50% – $51,040
  • 75% – $60,250
  • 90% – $71,200

States with the highest level of employement are:

  • Texas
  • Ohio
  • California
  • Florida
  • Pennsylvania

The top paying states for Physical Therapy Assistants are:

  • Texas
  • New Jersey
  • California
  • Connecticut
  • Florida

I hope the above data was useful for those looking for information of how much physical therapy assistants earn or make in a year.