How Much Do Physical Therapy Assistants (PTA) Make in Ohio

Wondering how much do physical therapy assistants make in Ohio? Well, we will look at two sites and compare and see what they have to say


I went over to their site to research.

According to the site, the average salary for a physical therapy assistant in Ohio is $43,000. They say salary can vary greatly due to company, location, industry, experience & the benefits you are getting.

2. is another big site within the online job search market. According to the site, there is salary variations that are affected by a wide range of factors including population to competition in the market. They give breakdown of salaries for cities within the state of Ohio. Examples include:-

  • Akron, Ohio – $45,638
  • Canton, OH – $43,904
  • Chillicothe, OH – $42,557
  • Cincinnati, OH – $45,555
  • Cleveland, OH – $47,315

So the average physical therapy assistant salary in Ohio lies between $43 – $47k depending on which city you are in