Physical Therapy Aide Jobs

All About Physical Therapy Aide Jobs

Physical therapy aide jobs are quite important and respectable in the society. It could be a very wise career option if you choose to be a physical therapy aide after graduation. In order to be a physical therapy assistant, a person has to be hardworking and professional at the same time.

You may have to make applications to a number of organizations to be short-listed for an interview for the job. The interview is important and you should follow some basic rules so that you can crack it.

The following are the tips to crack the interview for physical therapy aide jobs

First of all, you will have to read all the details regarding the job entail and there should no aspect of the job that is not covered. You will have to learn about the objectives, the goals, and the concept of the team. You will leave a fine impression on the interviewers if they see that you have come prepared with your homework.

If you think you have gathered enough information about the employers, you should start with the sessions of mock interviews. You have to practice role-playing for the interview. It could be a little boring but it will be very useful in the end. This will make sure that you are prepared for all the questions of the interview.


The probable employers should feel that you have the potential to be an asset to the organization and that you will contribute considerably to the institution. They should know that you know about their institution. Therefore, tell them what you think about their organization armed with facts and try to be as positive as possible.

In order to qualify for physical therapy aide jobs, you have to take care of your appearance. You have to be clean and neat when you walk in for the interview. You have to impress the interviewers at the very first sight.

The attitude should be pleasant as the industry relies a lot on pleasant behavior. You should make yourself attractive as you are being marketed as a product. Therefore, these are the things that you have to keep in mind in order to crack the interview of the physical therapy job.

Some of the work that aides do include:-

  • Helping recovering patients to move to and from the therapy areas
  • Do general cleanup of treatment areas and also setting up of therapy equipment
  • Clerical work including answering telephones, assisting patients with insurance issues among other jobs

Average Wages of Physical Therapist Aides

The average yearly wage of physical therapist aides is about $23,700 (as of May 2010). According to the website, the lowest ten percent got less than $17,270 while the top ten percent aides got more than $34,670.

Majority of the physical therapist aides are employed full time. About 1/4 worked part time.