Physical Therapy Assistant Salary

Job Prospectus And Salary Of A Physical Therapy Assistant

Research say that physical therapy assistant salary as well as the job prospectus of a physical therapy assistant is likely to increase in the next few years. Some experts are claiming that the job demands of a physical therapy assistant is likely to grow by forty six percent in the coming years.

This is good news to all those physical therapy assistants who are working, studying for the job or planning a career as a physical therapy assistant. A career as an assistant to a physical therapist may be a bit challenging but it is still offbeat and you are sure to have plenty of choices to choose from.

Physical therapy assistants can start earning right after they get their high school diploma as most of the training period is spent working in a clinic, as a trainee, helping out patients along with practiced, and fully fledged assistants. Therefore there is no limit as to when a physical therapy assistant salary to start.

However before you get your degree in physical therapy assistance and become a registered assistant working under a licensed therapist, you are not accepted to get the full salary of a physical therapy assistant. However rules and regulations differ from state to state and therefore you may not be earning before you become a registered assistant.

Even as you research more on physical therapy assistant salary, bear in mind that the work of a therapy assistant is not a walk in the park Physical therapy assistants are known to stay on their feet all day long helping patients with their treatments and making sure that every patient is getting their due attention.

The physical therapy assistant has to provide constant and valuable assistance to the physical therapist under whom he/she is working to make sure that all the patients are taken care of and the therapist has everything ready in front of him when he starts his session. This means that the task of being an assistant can be rather stressful as you need to be smart, helpful and quick at the same time, always ready for what is demanded from you.

Average Salaries of Physical Therapy Assistants

The median expected salary for a typical licensed physical therapist assistant in the US is about $51,000 and the mean hourly wage being $24.57. There are many other factors that can affect your net salary.

A physical therapy assistant has various services to provide and that is why they are offered pretty decent salary. Salary is high also because the demand for physical therapy assistants is on the rise.

In a few years, therapy assistant will be a sought after job with a salary hike. It is therefore clear that for those choosing a career in this direction; physical therapy assistant salary will not be an issue.

Also the level of salary depends on the state you are in. For example, Texas, California, Nevada and Florida offer all had physical therapy assistant salaries of over $50,000. On the other hand, state like Utah and South Dakota are said to offer some of the lowest salaries.

Other Job titles for this career include: Physical Therapy Technician, Licensed Physical Therapist Assistant, Certified Physical Therapist Assistant

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