Physical Therapy Assistant Degree

The Necessary Degrees Required To Become A Physical Therapy Assistant

A physical therapy assistant degree is of high value today due to the growing demand of physical therapy among patients who have lost control over their movements. This mainly happens when the patient has suffered from a major disease and has been left impaired by it.

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Today there are growing opportunities for both physical therapists and physical therapy assistants, and when compared to the future of other jobs, physical therapy holds a good promise of employment, earning and therefore job satisfaction. If you are looking forward to the career of as a physical therapy assistant then firstly you need to be compassionate, loving and caring by nature.

Apart from these inbuilt values, a physical therapy assistant degree will require you to get a formal education on the subject. Before you start out for a degree, there are a few basic requirements that most universities will ask for.

For example it has been commonly seen that almost all institutions require there students to have a high school diploma. After the diploma has been obtained, the next step would be to enroll for a program that provides an accredited physical therapy assistant course. Once this course is completed you will be officially allowed to be the associate of a licensed physical therapist.

However there is more than meets the eye – most states have different requirements and different provisions when it comes to giving a physical therapy assistant degree. Some states require their students to be certified in first aid and other related medical assistance that will be useful while taking care of patients.

Most states also demand that these assistants should have clinical experience before they start working under a physical therapist. While these are roughly the requirements that a physical therapy assistants needs to have, but in order to practice, they should have the proper registration, as they do not need to be licensed like physical therapists.

A physical therapy assistant with the aid of his/her degree and formal training is supposed to provide valuable assistance to a physical therapist. They make sure that treatments are properly implemented and that the patients are responding positively to them. They also need to excel in taking general care of a patient who is not able to move about and help himself.

There are a number of colleges/universities out there that offer degrees on physical therapy. Some of them include:-


  • A T Still University of Health Sciences
  • Alabama State University
  • American International College
  • Andrews University
  • Arcadia University

Community Colleges

  • Allen County Community College
  • Alpena Community College
  • Amarillo College
  • Angelina College
  • Cisco College
  • College of Southern Idaho
  • Gogebic Community College
  • Holmes Community College

A normal day in the life of a physical therapy assistant can be rather tough and challenging and therefore there needs to be a mental preparation to cope up with the stress, something that a physical therapy assistant degree will give you a good idea about.

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