How Much Do Physical Therapy Assistants (PTA) Make in Ohio

Wondering how much do physical therapy assistants make in Ohio? Well, we will look at two sites and compare and see what they have to say


I went over to their site to research.

According to the site, the average salary for a physical therapy assistant in Ohio is $43,000. They say salary can vary greatly due to company, location, industry, experience & the benefits you are getting.

2. is another big site within the online job search market. According to the site, there is salary variations that are affected by a wide range of factors including population to competition in the market. They give breakdown of salaries for cities within the state of Ohio. Examples include:-

  • Akron, Ohio – $45,638
  • Canton, OH – $43,904
  • Chillicothe, OH – $42,557
  • Cincinnati, OH – $45,555
  • Cleveland, OH – $47,315

So the average physical therapy assistant salary in Ohio lies between $43 – $47k depending on which city you are in

How Much Do Physical Therapy Assistants (PTA) Make in California

Well, according to these two sites: and, below are the expected salaries for physical therapy assistants in California states that the average annual salary of a PTA in California is $100,000. They further state that the average PTA salaries for job postings in California are 11% higher than average PTA salaries for job postings nationwide.

On, they say that in the state of  California, the salaries vary within different cities which are affected by population to general competitiveness in the market.  Here are some of the salaries in some of the cities:-

  • Anaheim-CA – Median salary of $51,865
  • Long-Beach-CA – Median salary of $51,865
  • Los-Angeles-CA – Median salary of $51,552
  • Sacramento-CA – Median salary of $49,934
  • San Diego, CA – Median salary of $$49,517

Online Physical Therapy Assistant Programs

Online Physical Therapy Assistant Programs

The job of a physical therapy assistant could be a very good career option as the job is respectable as well as important in the society and one the best ways to qualify for the job is to get the degree from one of the online physical therapy assistant programs.

Getting the education of physical therapy assisting through the online courses could be a good idea as you will be able to get the training from the best institutions sitting at home from any part of the world. This kind of training may also involve lesser expenses as it will save the cost of traveling.

These courses of training are supervised by the licensed therapists. Some of these courses may require some clinical work and in-person lab. The courses will provide all the training that is required for the rehabilitation of the patients, maintaining the health records of the patients and the updating of the patients.

The courses will be implemented through readings that are based online, assignments, and lectures through the videos and there will also be classroom discussion that will be held online. The courses will be no different from the actual courses.

However, at certain stages of the training, there would be few works of classroom laboratory and training as that is essential for the students to get a real life experience.

Online physical therapy assistant programs are quite the same as the other forms of physical therapy assistant programs. The courses will train the students regarding the basic knowledge of the medicines that are related to physical therapy.

The courses will also help the students to know about the several clinical practices that are important for physical therapy. The students will be able to know about the injuries that are common and the exercise of therapy that is required for such injuries. There are courses of pathological physiology that will teach the students about the functions and the movements of the human body.

Online physical therapy assistant programs cover the subjects of the gross anatomy of the human body so that they can have a complete understanding of the functioning of the human body, which is quite important for the physical therapy. You will also also focus a great deal on the therapeutic exercises, as they are one of the most important aspects of physical therapy.

Online Colleges & Universities – Physical Therapy

Below are some of the colleges/universities that offer online programs on physical therapy.

  • Utica College – Transitional Doctor of Physical Therapy – Here you are offered a post-baccalaureate program that leads to a master of science in physical therapy
  • Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science – Post-Professional Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) – On-campus attendance not required
  • University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences – Physical Therapy Program
  • University of New England – Post Professional Doctor of Physical Therapy Program
  • University of Michigan – Flint – Physical Therapy Clinical Certificates
  • Boston University – Transitional Doctor of Physical Therapy

The courses that are offered by the online physical therapy assistants programs can be very useful for the physical therapy assistant aspirants.

How Many Hours Do Physical Therapy Assistants Work?

Physical therapy assistant jobs are a demanding jobs just like any other. PTAs normally move about helping to set up equipment and work with patients on their treatments. Physical therapy assistants and aides work under the supervision of a Physical therapist.

The hours that physical therapy assistants work vary with the place they are at. For example, some therapy providers may provide services to patients/clients during early morning or early evening hours. You may find a PTA working from 6am to 2pm in the afternoon.

Some institutions like hospitals may require the PTA to work on weekends on a rotating schedule.

Some of the work that PTAs carry out may include:-

  • Therapeutic exercise
  • Wound Care
  • Massage

We hope this answers your question regarding how many hours do Physical Therapy Assistants (PTAs) work.

Personal Fitness Assessment: How Fit Are You?

Many a times we consult physical therapist when we feel something wrong physically. In fact physical fitness is most important in life, if we aren’t fit physically then we will not have a good presence of mind and cannot even concentrate on our daily activities or jobs.

Haven’t this happened to you at some point of time in your life? How would you feel if your boss makes you to work for extra hours and you are forced to work even if your fitness is not so good for that day? How would you take it for yourself if you are missing your favorite sport because of fitness issue and remain a spectator when your friends play?
This really doesn’t sound good, so you must have a good assessment of your personal fitness and have to be sure that you will be healthy to avoid Physical therapy treatment in your early age.

In general there are two types of fitness to be assessed, performance related fitness and Health related fitness. The former is related to athletes and latter is mostly related to Aerobic fitness, Flexibility, Body composition etc.

Having a good assessment of your fitness will lower the risk of High blood pressure, diabetes and even low back pain. You may be aware that if you are not fit physically then you will not be eligible for Army or Police training. If you are one of the peoples who do not exercise because of time constraint or who hate exercise and appraise yourself that you are fit, then it’s time to take a simple test to assess your fitness.

Here are the simple steps you need to undergo:


Being under weight or over weight of the acceptable limits for your height indicates poor health. Measure your weight on a weighing machine and compare with the standards. If your weight doesn’t match approximately with the standards then you can take appropriate steps to get fit and if they are up to the standards, then congratulations, you can move on to the next step.


Determine your BMI with a free online calculators available or you can even do it yourself if you are good mathematically. It’s a reliable assessor of your body fat and fitness. Medically, a good BMI would be something between 20 and 25 and if you are overweight then it would cross 25 which is not a good sign for your fitness.

Heart rate:

Resting heart rate is the good statistic to know how your heart rate is, so find out your heart rate when you wake up early in the morning and if it is below 60 then it indicates a good health, if it isn’t then you may have to undergo some cardio related exercises.

There are other tests which lets you know your aerobic fitness, muscular fitness or even flexibility of your body. You can consult a physical therapist for good suggestion to improve your physical fitness. Alotta therapy is the best one to prefer in order to the best suggestions with the professional therapist involving in your treatment.

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How Long Does It Take To Become A Physical Therapy Assistants(PTA)?

An accredited Physical Therapy Assistant program usually takes about 2 years of undergraduate education. In the United States, there are over two hundred of such programs. Most Physical Therapy Assistant programs (PTA programs )include a combination of classroom as well as clinical instructions.

Classroom academic course work will cover topics such as biology, algebra, anatomy and physiology, chemistry, and psychology.

Physical Therapy Degree Requirements

Before we talk about degrees and physical therapy assistant degree requirements let us talk about the job of a physical therapist. Physical therapists usually treat those types of patients who have lost control over their limbs or entire body due to the effects of some disease or treatments with strong side effects.

Physical therapy has become very popular these days as it has been seen in many cases that patients who had given up hope of moving certain parts of their body ever again have gained full control over their movements. Earlier on there were only a limited number of physical therapists available but due to the growing demand, more and more people are opting for a career in physical therapy.

If you are interested in a career in physical therapy then there has to be a clear understanding about the requirements needed for you to work in this field. For a person to be a physical therapist, he or she must obtain a graduate degree. In many instances, the person may be required to be a holder of a doctorate degree in physical therapy.

Along with a bachelor’s degree some universities also lay down further specifications like having anatomy, biology and chemistry as your subjects till graduation level. There are two types are physical therapy courses that you can go for under graduate education, which are DPT, Doctor of Physical therapy or MPT, Master of Physical Therapy.

Physical therapy degree requirements require you to go for either DPT or MPT. Under DPT, the students are taught and trained in the processes/procedures of diagnosis and treatment. While a doctor of physical therapy will take you three years to complete, Master of Physical Therapy will take from two to three years, depending on the university you are enrolled in.

Bachelor’s Degree General Requirements

Students pursing a degree in physical therapy will focus much on chemistry, anatomy, biology, statistics, trigonometry, anatomy and physiology as well as biochemistry and physics courses

Master’s Degree Requirements

At the master’s degree level, there is a focus on subjects such as orthotics, orthopedics, pathokinesiology, neurology, cardiac & pulmonary testing and management, prosthetics, neurology, geriatrics and pediatrics.

Students at the masters level also need to attend clinical & professional development seminars. The last hurdle to accomplish is either an individual research project, group project or a thesis option (depending on the school).

Students have the option of choosing from residential courses where they will be have to stay put at the residential campus of the university. There are many advantages of opting for residential degree as many other courses are given that will give you the extra edge over other physical therapists.

In order to practice, every physical therapist needs to be licensed. The way of obtaining the license may vary from state to state but most require you to sit for a common examination. There are many states where in order to keep your license you will have to continue your studies along with your practice.

Apart from what is taught at the institution there are a few other qualities that a physical therapist requires like compassion, the need to feel for your patients, and to be comfortable with your hands as you have to use them during your sessions.

This is a summary of the requirement for those wishing to pursue a physical therapy degree.

How To Be A Certified Physical Therapy Assistant (PTA)

Today we will learn more on how to be a certified physical therapist assistant. Physical therapy is a branch of health care that focuses on remedying or rehabilitating different disabilities and impairments related to physical movement and mobility. It is also the field of medical study that promotes and executes different kinds of tests, diagnoses, and evaluations in relation to this.

This field uses different kinds of physical interventions and methods to be able to improve the physical and functional abilities of a person that underwent such injuries and debilities. Aside from certified physical therapists, physical therapy assistants (PTAs) also aid patients in improving their present conditions by means of physical therapy.

Physical therapists (PT) are the main medical practitioners that execute such rehabilitation. However, you can also become a physical therapy assistant to be able to work closely with them at a health care setting.

PTA Training

Compared to physical therapists, a physical therapy assistant (PTA) is only required to fulfill at least one to two years of certificate or associate program to qualify for such position. With this kind of training, the aspiring physical therapy assistant would become more familiar with different skills needed to assist physical therapists.

Duties usually include the practical application of cold, electrical or hot stimuli, execute how to assist patients while they are performing particular exercises, perform various therapeutic massages and become more adept in organizing patients’ records that certified physical therapists would often supervise.

To enter such program, an aspiring physical therapy assistant would need to have at least a high school diploma or should have passed the GED. Preferably, the interesting individual should have also taken courses in health science and natural science to be able to easily grasp concepts and other knowledge in connection with the coursework of a physical therapy assistant.

Within the two years of training, the physical therapy assistant certificate program would cover basic medical science and other related general education subjects.

Among the different courses that would be taken during the program are:-

  • anatomy and physiology
  • sports performance related courses
  • human development and biology
  • chemistry
  • general psychology
  • English composition and medical vocabulary.

Once the physical therapy assistant student graduates, he may then take the necessary permit or registration to be able to work in a professional setting.


The National Physical Therapy Examination or NPTE is the official examination for therapists and assistants. However, therapists’ examinations have a much broader scope covering more technical and medically related questions.

Some states are much stricter and would often ask for additional requirements, however most of physical therapy assistants are only often regulated by means of having proper certification and registration and by passing the NPTE.

Since some states would also obliged for you to have a license to practice, additional courses are need to be taken to be able to complete such requirements. Aside from the mentioned subjects, actual hands-on clinical experience is also required during the course. During the student’s second year, he is required to work within a supervised and controlled environment to be able to apply and assess the knowledge he had acquired during the various lecture classes.

A physical therapy assistant candidate may also opt to become a physical therapy aide for a while. In this, he may work right away with a physical therapist, however he cannot perform any duties related to assisting rehabilitation and medical related procedures. If an aspiring assistant is only after becoming more familiar with the actual set up, this kind of training can be helpful.

Once he gained the knowledge he is after to observed, he may continue finishing the assistant program to be able to work as a legitimate physical therapy assistant instead. Also learn more on accredited physical therapy schools.

We hope this post answers your questions on how to be a certified physical therapy assistant in the US.

What Do Physical Therapy Assistants (PTAs) Do?

With the sudden burgeoning of wellness and healthcare facilities, professionals from the medical field have also come in demand. Because more individuals are now after becoming fit and want to improve their quality of life and longevity, services from these facilities and professionals have been gaining patrons as well.

Among them are physical therapists and physical therapy assistants, who help individuals in rehabilitation and correction of various disabilities and impairments concerning movement and mobility. Aside from these, physical therapy practitioners also promote and execute tests, diagnoses and evaluations, as well as physical interventions to be able to improve the functional and physical abilities of a person that underwent certain debilities and injuries.

Physical therapy assistants work hand in hand with physical therapists. They work along with therapists during sessions in assisting patients on much less technical concerns. Here are some of the activities that physical therapy assistants do;-

  • They perform various therapeutic massages to patients if applicable, administer ultrasound, help therapists during execution of particular physical exercises and apply cold, hold or electrical stimuli to patients if necessary.
  • They also help prepare therapy equipment and also organize and make sure that the area is clean. They often work under a therapist and are mostly part of a team.
  • Their roles are mainly defined by their supervisor depending on the assistance that he or she might need. Since therapists are often busy with supervising and directing, physical therapy assistants are the ones who often check and update records of their patients.
  • They also implement the modifications or interventions needed to be done and create progress reports so that the therapist can customize treatments per patient accordingly.

Since a physical therapist could have various or have a specific specialty, a physical therapy assistant is often trained to help people of all ages, from newborn babies to geriatric patients, especially those who have congenital or degenerative physical and health-related concerns giving their care to those who have limited capability to move and do daily functional chores and activities.

In the United States, a therapist can specialize from any of the eight main specialization including:-

  • Cardiovascular and pulmonary rehabilitation
  • Orthopedic therapy
  • Pediatric physical therapy
  • Geriatric physical therapy
  • Neurological physical therapy
  • Clinical electrophysiology
  • Integumentary physical therapy
  • Women’s health therapy and so an assistant can become part of any of these teams.

Physical therapy assistants carry out tasks assigned to them by the therapist. Except for major medical interventions, which the therapists are only allowed to execute, assistants apply different treatment procedures and techniques to improve patients’ mobility, restore their functional abilities, reduce the pain they are experiencing and apply necessary interventions to avoid further disability.

They also work with physical therapists in aiding individuals to avoid complete loss of movement and mobility by enhancing and developing their fitness, as well as the wellness of the patients by using methods to improve health and promote a much active lifestyle.

Aside from health care facilities such as hospitals and medical clinics, physical therapy assistants can also work on various settings such as sports, fitness and wellness facilities, schools, home health organizations, nursing homes, work settings, and even through private practice.

Before becoming a physical therapy assistant, an aspirant must complete first a certificate or an associate program. He must at least have a high school diploma or should have passed the GED before being able to apply.

Usually, schools would require a pre-entry examination before you can qualify to apply in the program. The examination would evaluate your skills in English, reading, Mathematics and Science. After which, other necessary requirements are asked such as drug and alcohol screenings, physical examinations, tests in first aid knowledge, among others before you become a student in their certificate or associate program.

Physical therapy assistants salary vary from state to state and from the facility they are working under.

The Responsibility Of Being A Physical Therapy Assistant

We all must have heard of the term physical therapy assistant without paying much attention to it or wondering what the job involves. Most of us are more accustomed to physical therapy. Physical therapy is a specialized kind of therapy provided to those who are suffering from such ailments that cannot be cured by medicine alone.

The concept of physical therapy is not very new, though it is not very old either. In the very early days patients used to give up hope when medicines failed them but with the discovery and progress of physical therapy, every patient has a new hope of recovery.

Basically physical therapy is practiced by a trained and licensed physical therapist, one who after proper training and completion in accredited therapy schools of his course runs his own clinic and treats patients. A physical therapy assistant on the other hand is a health care professional who works directly under a physical therapist.

The job of a physical therapy assistant is varied and it involves a lot of training as well. The assistant has to work and learn from the therapist at the same time. Just like all patients are not the same, the treatment given to each and every patient is varied and unique. It is therefore of outmost importance that the assistant has to be extremely good at his/her job.

Helping the therapist means that the assistant has to help in treatments like rehabilitation, for example cardiac and neurological rehabilitation. Rehabilitation is one of the major treatments provided by a therapist and therefore an assistant can look forward to a lot of work in that area.

Apart from rehabilitation, other treatments like geriatrics, orthopedics and gynecology are also a part of physical therapy and an assistant has to have the desired knowledge to deal with such ailments. Along with such serious issues, the assistant also has to provide patients with other services like sports medicine, all over wellness and wound care.

The task of the assistant does not end there however. There are many other services that the assistant has to master in like taking care of patients and making sure that they are provided with everything they need during the therapy.

Physical therapy assistant salaries are good but the job comes with a lot of responsibilities.

Valuable feedback is also to be collected by the assistant and provided to the therapist so that the therapist is well aware of the improvement of his patients or look into any problems that they might be facing due to the therapy. The job of a physical therapy assistant is therefore of extreme importance and of high value.