Personal Fitness Assessment: How Fit Are You?

Many a times we consult physical therapist when we feel something wrong physically. In fact physical fitness is most important in life, if we aren’t fit physically then we will not have a good presence of mind and cannot even concentrate on our daily activities or jobs.

Haven’t this happened to you at some point of time in your life? How would you feel if your boss makes you to work for extra hours and you are forced to work even if your fitness is not so good for that day? How would you take it for yourself if you are missing your favorite sport because of fitness issue and remain a spectator when your friends play?
This really doesn’t sound good, so you must have a good assessment of your personal fitness and have to be sure that you will be healthy to avoid Physical therapy treatment in your early age.

In general there are two types of fitness to be assessed, performance related fitness and Health related fitness. The former is related to athletes and latter is mostly related to Aerobic fitness, Flexibility, Body composition etc.

Having a good assessment of your fitness will lower the risk of High blood pressure, diabetes and even low back pain. You may be aware that if you are not fit physically then you will not be eligible for Army or Police training. If you are one of the peoples who do not exercise because of time constraint or who hate exercise and appraise yourself that you are fit, then it’s time to take a simple test to assess your fitness.

Here are the simple steps you need to undergo:


Being under weight or over weight of the acceptable limits for your height indicates poor health. Measure your weight on a weighing machine and compare with the standards. If your weight doesn’t match approximately with the standards then you can take appropriate steps to get fit and if they are up to the standards, then congratulations, you can move on to the next step.


Determine your BMI with a free online calculators available or you can even do it yourself if you are good mathematically. It’s a reliable assessor of your body fat and fitness. Medically, a good BMI would be something between 20 and 25 and if you are overweight then it would cross 25 which is not a good sign for your fitness.

Heart rate:

Resting heart rate is the good statistic to know how your heart rate is, so find out your heart rate when you wake up early in the morning and if it is below 60 then it indicates a good health, if it isn’t then you may have to undergo some cardio related exercises.

There are other tests which lets you know your aerobic fitness, muscular fitness or even flexibility of your body. You can consult a physical therapist for good suggestion to improve your physical fitness. Alotta therapy is the best one to prefer in order to the best suggestions with the professional therapist involving in your treatment.

Author Info: This guest post was contributed by “Sheryl” a guest blogger from UK. Find out more about her @sherylevan