How Long Does It Take To Become A Physical Therapy Assistants(PTA)?

An accredited Physical Therapy Assistant program usually takes about 2 years of undergraduate education. In the United States, there are over two hundred of such programs. Most Physical Therapy Assistant programs (PTA programs )include a combination of classroom as well as clinical instructions.

Classroom academic course work will cover topics such as biology, algebra, anatomy and physiology, chemistry, and psychology.

Clinical instructions will cover certifications in CPR plus other first aid & field experience in actual  treatment centers. For both employers as well as educators, they see students getting clinical experience as being necessary to ensure that students comprehend and understand the responsibilities of a physical therapist assistant.

Regarding licencing, one is not required to be licensed in order to become a physical therapy assistant but its also good to note that there are some states in the US that require registration in order to work as a physical therapist assistant.

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