The Responsibility Of Being A Physical Therapy Assistant

We all must have heard of the term physical therapy assistant without paying much attention to it or wondering what the job involves. Most of us are more accustomed to physical therapy. Physical therapy is a specialized kind of therapy provided to those who are suffering from such ailments that cannot be cured by medicine alone.

The concept of physical therapy is not very new, though it is not very old either. In the very early days patients used to give up hope when medicines failed them but with the discovery and progress of physical therapy, every patient has a new hope of recovery.

Basically physical therapy is practiced by a trained and licensed physical therapist, one who after proper training and completion in accredited therapy schools of his course runs his own clinic and treats patients. A physical therapy assistant on the other hand is a health care professional who works directly under a physical therapist.

The job of a physical therapy assistant is varied and it involves a lot of training as well. The assistant has to work and learn from the therapist at the same time. Just like all patients are not the same, the treatment given to each and every patient is varied and unique. It is therefore of outmost importance that the assistant has to be extremely good at his/her job.

Helping the therapist means that the assistant has to help in treatments like rehabilitation, for example cardiac and neurological rehabilitation. Rehabilitation is one of the major treatments provided by a therapist and therefore an assistant can look forward to a lot of work in that area.

Apart from rehabilitation, other treatments like geriatrics, orthopedics and gynecology are also a part of physical therapy and an assistant has to have the desired knowledge to deal with such ailments. Along with such serious issues, the assistant also has to provide patients with other services like sports medicine, all over wellness and wound care.

The task of the assistant does not end there however. There are many other services that the assistant has to master in like taking care of patients and making sure that they are provided with everything they need during the therapy.

Physical therapy assistant salaries are good but the job comes with a lot of responsibilities.

Valuable feedback is also to be collected by the assistant and provided to the therapist so that the therapist is well aware of the improvement of his patients or look into any problems that they might be facing due to the therapy. The job of a physical therapy assistant is therefore of extreme importance and of high value.